I saw a few of you directly following the first "Gallery Walk" in yesterday's meeting and was able to let you know about participants' positive "first reaction" to the gallery and their unanimous appraisal of the gallery as a valuable exercise…but now that the first session is concluded, more feedback continues to reach us, and we've had a chance to expose our Group Managers from Brand to the gallery, I wanted to let you know that from overheard hallway conversations to more direct feedback, I'm witnessing all the hallmarks of a huge hit!

Our sponsor... used words like "phenomenal" to describe the gallery, and told us that everyone he spoke with was going "wacko" (that's a positive 'wacko,' by the way) over the gallery. Throughout yesterday's working session, participants were repeatedly referring to what they had experienced in the gallery, and we've had requests from participants and others to let their teams experience the gallery. I anticipate that the gallery will be in business nearly all of next week as we schedule groups for open houses.

Comments I've heard: "You guys really hit the mark;" "This is awesome;" "I feel bathed in the customer experience;" "Somebody finally got around to doing this [and doing it well];" "They're crazy to make you tear this down [next week]." You know you've done a great job when people are clamoring to promote this to their teams and business partners…

…so I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who made this MIRACLE happen…and I do see it as a miracle! Your expertise, effort, and "can do" attitude made it all possible…and made it a huge success! You are the "go to guys" in my book.