A is for Answers.

Give us a call at 1-866-366-6777 or drop us a line. We'll answer your questions about sperm banks. We'll recommend clinics. We'll explain our services, which include in-depth donor profiles, photo matching, baby photos and a most rigorous screening process for our donors.

There's no question we haven't heard before - our customers are an eclectic bunch. We hear from singles, couples, straights, gays and lesbians from all over the world. We'd like to hear from you.

Our customers have this in common: they've had trouble conceiving, and we help them have children. As we say in Denmark, Er der vilje er der vej. Or, love will find a way.


B is for Børn.

Børn is the Cryos newsletter. Pronounced ‘bairn,’ it’s Danish for ‘children.’ It seemed the perfect name since helping folks create children is what we’re all about.

Børn offers the latest news about assisted fertility and sperm banks, free offers from Cryos, links to resources for parents-to-be and even fun stuff like a recent story about some very cool wooden toys from a small Swedish company called Playsam.

You can download the first two issues of Børn by clicking here. It's a PDF, so to read it you'll need Adobe Reader version 7 or higher, which is available for free download.

C is for Cryos.

Cryos is a Greek word, meaning cold. In our case, minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the temperature inside the liquid nitrogen-filled tanks where our sperm donations are kept before use. This storage method keeps sperm happy, healthy and potent and helps explain why Cryos, one of the world’s largest sperm banks, has accounted for more than 13,000 pregnancies in 60 countries.

We expect to improve those numbers, since we’ve just added a new group of American-based multi-ethnic donors to our stocks of selected Scandinavian donors.

We’ve added staff to better handle our new donors. There are new lab technicians, a new medical director and a tissue bank director. We expanded our medical advisory committee. We moved to a new suite of offices steps away from New York’s Financial District.

We deliver worldwide using the most advanced sperm packaging system anywhere. Our CBS High Security Straws are the only system approved by the FDA for sperm storage, thanks to features like contamination-proof, tamper-proof end caps and a special internal compartment for ID tags.

D is for Donors.

Start your search for the perfect donor by browsing our donor catalog. It offers a quick overview of our donors, it’s updated weekly, and it’s free.

Then, download a free example of one of our extended donor profiles. These profiles offer extensive information about each donor’s physical appearance, educational background, hobbies, interests and family history. Most even include a handwritten message from the donor.

After just a few months we are proud to celebrate the first pregnancies from donors Irwin, Monty, Cliff, Sonny, and Josh from our U.S. program. We will update the website as more pregnancies are reported from each of our U.S. donors.

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