I like ads that work.
Also, I like ads that don't suck.

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DoDo is a whole lot of fun to do. And it shows.

First campaign I ever wrote. Creative director Steve Crane called me about a pitch. "We have a tag line but no campaign. First presentation in three days." It was a good tag line. After two hours in a borrowed cubicle, I had nine ads for them. They won the pitch.

There's no such thing as a little ad. Claus Rodgaard and I did a couple of 5 x 7-inch ads for his Danish sperm bank. We ran one in a trade magazine for fertility specialists. A reporter spotted it. Client Claus and his company wound up profiled in Newsday and the New York Post, then he was interviewed by Good Morning America and the Today Show. The campaign later showed up in a novel, a non-fiction book and as an issue in an Italian political campaign. Little ads? Pah.

There's no such thing as a little poster, either. Claus and I sprinkled a number of these around lower Manhattan. A reporter noticed. Then he checked out our web site and called Claus. Result? A story about Cryos on the cover of the Sunday New York Post. Then the client got interviewed by CNN and by Reuters, followed by National Public Radio, the Associated Press, Channel 4 in the UK and a couple of Scandinavian media outlets. Not bad for a $10,000 media buy.

What to wear to an economic meltdown. We had this baby ready to be walked around Wall Street in December of 2008.

Once upon a time I knew nothing about designer bedding. From ignorant to not-quite-so-ignorant in four weeks flat, thanks to a call from the Ed Hardy Home Collection.

Drinking? I know a little about that. I can guess the rest.

Wall Street can be dangerous to your wealth. Who knew? In 2000, the attorney general of New York forced the securities industry to run several ads in this campaign. Hat tip to writer Steve Crane for engaging explanations of complex topics like market limit orders and the perils of initial public offerings.

I hate most commercials. So I try to do stuff I don't hate. Click any image to see a QuickTime video.

Three scary things. 1: Root canals. 2: Right-wing Republicans. 3: Renovations.

No money, no problem.We shot a tv spot featuring classic vehicles like these. It cost next to nothing. Then I used my old Nikon to shoot them for a national print campaign. For really, really next to nothing.

Internet search? What's that? Our Valvoline client went to Lycos, a search engine startup. As with Valvoline, he had just enough money for a single tv spot. So I took the Nikon along and once again, we had a print campaign for zippo, nada, nothing.

Introduce a new idea called an angel investor forum. Define it, make it memorable. Your audience will give you a whole three seconds to do this. Go!

How to drag a car brand out of a ditch. Make better cars, do better marketing. The folks at Chrysler did both back in the mid-90s. Ron Wachino was the writer for these.

Guardsmark An engaging explanation of a complicated service, written by John Malecki.

WTF?Agencies called me all the time about projects like this during the dot.com era: "They're called esecurityonline.com. They're ethical hackers, whatever that is. Need a strategy to sell them to corporate IT managers. Need a couple of campaigns, need some logos, need to show stuff in four days. Go!" Jeanette Tyson wrote these.

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