It's nice to be noticed.

Art direction
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My lovely wife wears a lot of hats. This is one of her cards.

Nudo makes rings. Really, really nice rings.

When a client has a powerful message, just get out of the way. I help this group with fundraising. Given their performance, it's a piece of cake. Marty Uman's photos make things even easier.

This is my third sperm bank client in six years. That's a whole lot of print ads, brochures, web sites, buttons, pens, trade show booths and posters. Not one used cliches of the assisted-fertility category, like serious-but-friendly doctors chewing their eyeglasses or suburban moms with minivans full of adorable tots.

Another sperm bank, another positioning. Babies love mobiles, the best mobiles come from Denmark and so does Cryos. Done.

I have designed 12,342 business cards or so it seems. This is my favorite.

The Cryos newsletter is aimed at prospective parents.

A 24-page calendar from Citibank about how to avoid bankruptcy while getting a diploma.

Letterhead as marketing tool. Scandinavian Cryobank was a sperm bank. A very clever sperm bank, especially when it came to getting the most marketing bang for their buck.

Santa got a brand new bag. Mrs. Claus got a new hat.

Wienerbrød! Spandauer! And what would the annual Christmas feast at the Danish Seamens' Church be without a heaping plate full of æbleskiver m. syltetøj?

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