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Allison McClellan knows her stuff. Just take a look.

My dog says Ginger Berman is the best dog walker in Brooklyn. So it's only fitting she gets the best dog walker's web site.

Designed it, wrote it, illustrated it, programmed it. No wonder it took most of a summer to build the Cryos web site .

Asterisk writes for Wall Street and technology firms. They wrote the web site while I rummaged through drawers for the office supplies I used to create the images.

Rodney Underwood was a multi-tasking mofo, a creative director with the cojones to have sung karaoke to Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love" in an Alabama bar filled with drunken, angry rednecks who (loudly) would have preferred something by Travis Tritt. In that way, it resembled some agency/client meetings I've attended.

America's best part-time job? Cryos usually speaks to prospective parents. But now and then we reach out to prospective donors.

Authors must now do web sites Alexandra Soiseth wrote this one. As if writing a book wasn't work enough.

Larry Cadman was one of the finest marketing minds of his generation. You can see why here.

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