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Art direction
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Installation size S. This one covered both sides of a 20-foot long wall at a trade show, and landed my Cryos client on the first page of a book about the assisted fertility business.

Installation size M. Here's a small sample from an exhibition that turned a conference room at Capital One's Richmond headquarters into a space for immersing employees in the latest research about Capital One customers. Matt Savage was the writer and creative director on this project, which went from zero to done-and-hung in a little over three weeks. The clients liked it so well that they made it a permanent feature at their office. They also decided to install it in two of their regional offices and had it revised for use on a bus, as a traveling road show.

Installation size XXL. Then we got a call from Capital One's Small Business division. They gave us an entire floor of their building for an exhibit to serve as an empathy-building reminder to their employees that working for yourself is utterly different from working for Capital One.

Not everything in the Small Business installation was XXL. We placed dozens of the very small signs shown below next to coffee pots, copiers, printers, light fixtures, even toilet paper dispensers. Each one reminded Capital One Small Business division employees of the many, many distractions faced daily by the self-employed entrepreneur.

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